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Painting Fetish Horse - small by Cathy Crain

Fetish Horse - small

Any animal lover will lust after this small raku fired Fetish Horse. Each horse has a fetish pack containing a variety of beads, feathers (some from my own parrots) and semi-precious stones. Since they are hand sculpted no two are alike and sizes may vary slightly.

You can order a Fetish Horse in any color as a solid color, paint or appaloosa.

The 'textured' glaze shown is a favorite of ours. The Raku Kiln Gods always have the last say in the colors and amount of metallic flash. It will vary from blues/purples and can include copper, gold, silver and green. It is always lovely, but it rarely has the same results.
3.25" x 4" x 1"

$82.50 USD