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About Us

The Three Crains

Cathy - mother

Carie - daughter

Sharae - granddaughter



We are three generations combining their talents in clay and mixed media.  I, Cathy Crain, am also a painter and a metalsmith.


Our Story

I have been an artist since I was old enough to hold a crayon and draw on the walls.  After attending college as a sculpture major and starting a family, I became a working artist.  I entered the world of advertising and graphic arts where I spent 18 years as President of my own firm in Houston, Texas.

 After my two children, Carie and Ken, went off to college, I moved to Santa Fe, NM where I took a position as Art Director of The New Mexican, the local newspaper and in my spare time, I also began creating wholesale lines of unique garments and jewelry.  Within a year, my spare time venture became full-time and 'Crain Design' was born.

 Eventually I needed help and Carie and her infant daughter, Sharae, joined me in Santa Fe.  Carie and I produced these lines for 15 years. They were were shown and sold in galleries, boutiques, museum shops and fashion events throughout the United States.

I returned to Texas in 2004 and I began a new adventure...a life long dream to become a full-time studio artist.  On a whim, I decided to take a ceramics class at the local community college and loved it!  In fact, I enjoyed it so much I encouraged Carie to take the class as well. After a few years of working and creating in our individual studios, Crain Art Studio was born. Eventually, Sharae got the bug and joined us in the studio. 

Our work reflects our love of animals and a fascination with color and texture.